Crossdocking, Short & Long term StorageCustom Delivery Services has brought together intelligent design principles and cutting edge technology and combined them with our greatest asset, “our people”, to provide a warehousing one-stop shop to our customers.

Custom Delivery Warehousing
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Custom Delivery Warehousing

Warehousing plays a major role in many of our customer’s day to day operations. By providing Transport, Delivery and Storage solutions all under one roof, we give our customers a one stop shop to ensure their products are received, handled, stored and delivered safe and sound.

Custom Delivery has invested in the latest software tools to increase transparency and ensure visibility for our customers on the inventory we manage. With paperless operations and real time access to every detail, we’re not just saying we’re the best; we’re offering the best and being transparent about it every single day.





Our residential delivery teams handle all types of freight from home furnishings and appliances to general freight, liquor, and specialized products.


Our dedicated fleet solutions can manage your delivery and distribution needs across Canada while properly representing your brand.


Watch your delivery in real time, or login and and watch as each delivery is made in real time.

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